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Nairobi Senator Sakaja sets up critical meeting with young parliamentarians
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Sep 06, 2017 at 11:53 EAT
Nairobi Senator Sakaja Johnson

The Jubilee Party is moving fast in preparation for the October 17th fresh presidential election

The party plans to hold a meeting with Jubilee and NASA affiliated members to discuss the way forward

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has revealed his planned meeting with at least 50 members of parliament from both Jubilee and NASA before the presidential polls repeat.

The Senator during an interview at on Wednesday morning hinted that the meeting shall be between him and newly elected leaders under the age of 35.

He said the intention of the meeting to be held before the fresh elections is to discuss the way forward for the country's leadership from a view of the legislative change they seek to influence.

"I will meet the leaders so that we can discuss key leadership issues without looking at our political affiliation but our role as youthful leaders," said Sakaja.

He added that the leaders, among them Embakasi East MP Babu Owino have a good influence of the country's youth.

He said family dynasty politics had put Kenya in a hard place with repeated battles between the top families over the years.

He also expressed confidence that youthful leaders will change the political landscape in 2022.

Sakaja condemned what he termed as use of abusive politics as leaders set stage to campaign for the presidential elections repeat.

"Leaders should now focus on development politics and not abuses. When the president says something wrong or even the opposition leader, I equally disagree with them," said Sakaja.

Sakaja added that he enjoys friendship from both the leaders' camps and that he will move to raise his concerns over the approach the leaders were taking seemingly attacks on each other.

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