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9 foods you eat everyday that are seriously killing your libido
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Sep 03, 2017 at 11:31 EAT
A couple making out in bed
  • Low libido can be a nightmare to both males and females
  • There are certain foods we eat everyday that are slowly lowering our sex drives

‘We are what we eat’ is a popular saying and it is evident that many problems we have in our bodies is a result of what we eat. The same applies if you have any complications with your stamina and libido, there are foods that unknowingly affect our performance in the bedroom. Here are nine foods that will greatly hinder your sexual urge when circulated by the blood.

Alcohol and Drugs

Habitual use of alcohol and drugs can be a big hindrance to why you have a low libido. This is because it reduces your capacity to respond habitually.

Dairy products

The lactic acid present in dairy products destroys your libido at great levels. Minimize your dairy intake up to three times a week or less. Substitute dairy products with leafy greens, sprouted beans, cabbages and broccoli.


Oysters are praised for their high concentration in zinc but they are high in toxins, that when they are absorbed by blood cells they gradually diminish your libido during blood circulation.


Mint contains menthol that lower testosterone levels which in turn decreases your sex drive.


Carbohydrates depress your desire for sex.

Diet soda

Aspartame that is present in diet soda tempers with serotonin levels a feel good hormone and without ample supply for this your libido suffers.


Having more soy in your meal will result in a remarkable decline in your libido.

High fat foods

Hydrogenated fats suppresses testosterone a primary hormone that stimulates male’s sex organs.

Processed baked foods

There is high sugar in trans fatty acids that cause destruction on human cells, they increase your blood sugar in your cells that decreases your libido.

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