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13 characteristics of friends you are most likely to meet in campus
By Grace Guya | Updated Aug 27, 2017 at 08:50 EAT
First year students joining campus
  • Universities will soon be admitting first years in various campuses all over the country.
  • Understanding the characteristics of some of the students you will meet in campus, will help you choose your friends wisely.

You will meet and befriend all types of characters, in campus. As in life, the friends you meet in campus come in all types. If we were all the same, life would be extremely boring. Our differences are what attract us to each other, spice up life and make it interesting. Your crew in campus are likely to fall in any (or more than one) of the following thirteen groups.

1. The posh friend

These friends are not for those with low self-esteem. This is because when they spend the equivalent of a significant part of your fees on a pair of shoes in the first week of the semester or bribe the hostel management to ensure they retain ‘their’ room next semester or clear all the fees within the first two weeks of the semester, you will be driven to keep up with them and forget that her father is super rich, and then you end up getting a sponsor or selling your eggs.

These friends are always insecure, because they are not sure if the people around them are, truly friends or are around them to leech money and benefits from them. A number use their money and social position to buy friends and influence. They (mostly for the ladies) never get along with a fellow posh person, because they are always engaged in popularity and superiority wars.

2. The messy friend

These are the friends who are almost never neat. Their hostel rooms resemble a supermarket store during restocking, as everything from books to clothes, to other personal items is scattered all over. They are also amateur collectors. Their rooms are full of empty bottles of everything from alcohol, to shampoo, to soap to cocoa.

They are not bad people and are quite laid back and super friendly. They are just disorganized. Every time you enter their room or house, you see or you think you see cockroaches.

3. The neat freak

This friend is everything the messy friend is not. They have an almost unnatural need for cleanliness and neatness. The clothes they wear must be 100% neat, and clean. One drop of juice or sauce on their shirt or dress is a crisis.

They always look dapper and polished. You will rarely find them with a hair out of place. I know one, who wouldn’t act in a class project for shooting a commercial because it involved getting his shirt smudged by yogurt. 4. The homemaker?

This is the friend (usually ladies) who drinks lots of tea in their hostel room and cleans up after everyone else. They cannot stand to see the hostel room dirty and would rather pick up after their messy and/or lazy roommates. She probably also readily offers to make visitors to the room tea. She is probably in the Christian union or any other church group. She is also quite conservative and modestly dressed. These are the future wife materials.

This friend somehow reminds you of your mother, grandmother or aunt. They probably have sufurias and home appliances either than the regular cutlery, cups and plates that the rest of us have.

5. The scholar friend

These students are the bookworms of campus and have an almost perfect attendance rate. These are the model students. They are the ones the rest of you run to photocopy notes from, in the unit which you rarely attend class, (maybe because of a hangover or lack of priorities), and can’t remember the lecturer’s name. These are the all-important notes that you intend to spend three days to exams cramming.

This friend almost always has their nose buried in a book. They are in the library almost every day, and would go even on Sunday, if it was opened. These students are wenyeji in the library, and some even get occasional favors, that most of the other students cant. These ones if they don’t get first class or second class upper, life is so unfair.

6. The booze guzzler friend

These are the friends you call when you want a Friday plot. They know every club that neighbor’s the campus, and even beyond. They even know the prices the clubs charge, and what theme the clubs are having. They are very generous with alcohol and are often willing to buy one for the team. They are also willing to buy alcohol and organize a little mini-party in their hostel room or house, on weekends. They also go out clubbing on most weekdays after classes, and return at ungodly hours drunk. They rarely attend or are late for morning classes as they are too busy nursing hangovers.

To them booze is water, and you often have to follow up on them the next morning, to make sure they are safe and alive, and didn’t get themselves into trouble when drunk. If it was possible, some would give up food and live on alcohol alone. As long as they have their favorite drink, they need very little food. They drink alcohol like it’s a project they are working to get a first class in.

They are the life of the party and know how to turn a quick drink at the club into an evening of drunken debauchery. Alcohol loosens up people, and any inhibitions they may have. So you can be sure, your booze guzzling friend will entertain you with scandalous stories, hilarious anecdotes and open up about themselves as they tell you, things they would never tell you when sober, because of either fear or out of decency.  7. The overachieving friend

This friend is in more clubs than you care to count. They probably also have a side hustle or part time job as well as going to the gym, church, charity event etc. They are literally everywhere, doing everything. Despite all of this, they still get good marks, while seemingly putting in little effort.

They seem to have more than twenty four hours in their day, (do they ever sleep?). Maybe spending enough time around this future bigshot, will rub off some magic on you?

8. The trendy friend

This is the friend who has the pulse on what’s trending and what’s not. You can count on them to know of all the latest events before everyone else. They are on top of it all, be it fashion, music, movies, they know it all.

You will know their benefit, when their knowledge, helps you gain access to events before it becomes common knowledge, and when you know where and when to get all the cool gadgets easily compared to everyone else.

9. The fashionista friend

This friend may complain about being broke like everyone else, but they always have money for clothes and make up shopping. This is your go to person, when you want to go out, especially if there is an event. They not only have all the latest fashion at their fingertips, but you can also count on them for make up as well.

They strut their stuff in sky high heels to lessons, regardless of the weather and look regal doing it. Anyone else, doing it, looks like a duck walking on hot coal.

10. The photographer friend

They are literally obsessed with their phones. If their phone gets stolen or spoilt, and they have to use kabambe as they wait for a replacement, they will experience smartphone withdrawal symptoms. These friends take very many pictures, some of which show the most mundane things like them having breakfast. They have to document everything they do, on line.

Others are obsessed with taking many pictures and updating their WhatsApp and Facebook profiles, to get the perfect profile picture (whatever that is). On Instagram, most of the pictures, you have been tagged on, were taken by them.

This is the friend who slightly annoys you because in their zeal for taking pictures they often share unflattering or embarrassing pictures of your crew, say after a drunken night out.

11. The creative/artsy friend

This friend is heavily into art or drama (or both). Their head is firmly in the clouds and when the creative bug bites they can forsake all else. They may even fail to attend class, be late or fail to deliver on class projects because they were caught up in their drama or art work. If there is any drama poetry or karaoke event being organized on campus, you can bet, they are heavily involved in the organization process.

This student may attend any and all poetry and/or karaoke events they can and is always willing to perform on stage if requested. Others can be found covered in paint or wearing costumes and they are perfectly comfortable.

12. The activist friend

This friend is focused on social issues and wants to make the world a better place. They have the pulse on any and all cases of injustices around them. They may come off as abrasive and loud, and often butt heads with the powers that be (in campus, this is the school administration and the lecturers).

Charity begins at home, and so their activism starts at school. They know how to whip up a crowd against real or perceived injustices by the school administration. They probably have a petition they'll try and make you make you sign. They have no problem spending their Saturdays at protests rather than the club.

Their Facebook discussions are filled with discussions of politics, and they know who has done what and where. They may have radical ideas. Right now, they are probably looking ahead to the 2022 politics and even beyond.

13. The flirtatious friend

This friend knows they are handsome or beautiful. They have got the looks and the body and are never afraid to flaunt it. They thrive on tempting people. No one of the opposite sex is safe. When these ones have their eyes on you, like a lion stalking a gazelle, they will zero in for the kill.

This is the lady, who will dress seductively and sit in front only the day; the handsome lecturer has a lesson. This is also the lady who has a certain reputation in the flats near campus, where she lived or lives.

He is the young man, who stalks freshas night every semester looking for prey and has dated a whole line in a bloc in the female hostels plus their friends.

So where do you and your crew belong?




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