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Bloggers unite after Robert Alai's arrest over sensitive story he published
By Thomas O | Updated Aug 19, 2017 at 10:55 EAT
Blogger Rober Alai
  • Blogger Robert Alai was arrested on Firday and is still in police custody a story he published on his blog.
  • Bloggers,most of whom he has disagreed with have united demanding for his release. 

Bloggers across the political divide are up in arms over the arrest of Robert Alai following a sensitive story touching on the family of a senior member of the society published on his blog.

Alai is said to have been arrested on Friday at around 10am by officers who stopped him and asked him to get out of his car at gunpoint before driving him to Kamkunji police station where he is still in police custody.

Bloggers are now demanding for the release of Mr Alai burying their differences under the hashtag #FreeAlai.

The controversial Alai on most occasion has been accused of working for the ruling Jubilee party and playing negativity for the opposition

Before you work with Jubilee as a Blogger, think about Blogger Bogonko Bosire who disappeared and now Arrest of Robert Alai #FreeAlai— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) August 19, 2017

I don't agree with @RobertAlai on many occasions. However, arresting him over a death story on Kenyatta family is impunity. #FreeAlai— Asamo (@Asamoh_) August 19, 2017

Some of the bloggers on the other hand feel to them the arrest did not matter so much because Mr Alai had been hitting hard the side they support and seem to be celebrating the fact that he had been on a side that might have bred the arrest.

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