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Please keep off; don't fall in love with me
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Aug 18, 2017 at 11:55 EAT
Man and woman arguing
  • This is a message to all people who want to break other people's marriages.

Please keep off!Don't make me break my marriage. ​Respect the wedding ring on my finger.

Keep your distance.

My marriage is in a shaky place,Don't take advantage of my current situation.I am in a vulnerable state,

Don't give me your shoulder to lean on.

You and I are workmates.Due to work, I spend more time with you than my spouse,But please let's keep things professional.

Do not trespass the boundaries.

On lunch breaks, don't follow me to the cafe.Don't spend time with me making me smile.Don't soothe me telling me everything will be OK,As you sweet talk me with your smooth words.

Don't ask me questions about my marriage.Don't fish for information about my spouse,To gauge whether you stand a chance with me.Don't fall in love with me.

Don't compliment me, don't make me smile.Don't me start feeling emotions my spouse no longer does.Don't make me behave like a high shooler with a crush.Don't feed the feelings you have for me.

Don't give me special treatment, I am just a colleague.Don't call me at night to find out how I am.Don't chat with me, don't flirt, don't escort me home.Don't make me be emotionally unfaithful.

Don't make me hide from my spouse.Don't distract me with seductive eyes.Don't give me gifts, stop it!I need to work on my marriage.

You and I will only be a mistake.You are a temptation, not a solution.I shouldn't open up to you,For it will make me need your care.

You are danger disguised as sweet.If we feed this you will be the downfall of my marriage,Then you will leave me because the thrill of an affair will be gone,I will be your mess that will be ugly to clean up.

The start of an affair can be exciting and romantic;But the end leads only to broken homes, wasted vows,Suffering children, a disappointed God and painful regret;It is not worth it, just for your illusion of love.

Go! Leave me alone. I will force you to go.I will be rude, harsh, cold if I need to;Anything to shut you down if you don't respect my home.I am vulnerable, but I will still defend my marriage.

My spouse and I have come a long way,I was warned that there will be a time temptations will come,And I was told that when they do,It is my role to demonstrate how much I love the one I am with.

Do not fall in love with me;I will not catch you, I am taken.I am growing love with the one I fell for,Even through this tough season.

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