Questions arise over daring raid at NASA offices

Questions arise over daring raid at NASA offices
NASA leaders at opposition tallying centre
  • Gunmen raid NASA presidential tallying centre on 4 August 2017 and stole computers.
  • It is alleged that five police officers led by the Chief inspector staged the raid according to Senator James Orengo.
  • Police however denied the allegations.

Van Zig: Just keep denying until Tuesday, when you can’t deny no more.

Benjamin Ondiege: Police raiding property at night without a search warrant? If whatever they were doing was legal, why not do it in broad daylight?

Joseph Juma: When the police service is turning into police force, who should we trust to maintain law and order for peace to reign in the country? I am tired of Egypt already, I am on my way to Canaan.

Dave Truant Victor: NASA wants to show Kenyans that they have good intelligence sources.

Daniella Edward: Read history. Your vote and who you vote for matters. We have to get people to vote

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