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Joey Muthengi - I missed my graduation
By Esther Muchene | Updated Jul 27, 2017 at 10:47 EAT
Joey Muthengi - Radio/ TV Host and actress
  • Joey Muthengi is a multi-talented media personality who has worked her way through different media houses across the country.
  • She is a radio and TV host, emcee and has a successful career as an actress and rapper.

Growing up, you wanted to be a... A singer, a teacher, an actress... and the list goes on.

But you currently hold the job title of... A radio and TV presenter, actress and emcee.

If your parents had their way, you would have been a... Probably something in education because that’s the field they are in.

Which college/university did you attend? Hope College in Holland, Michigan, United States.

What did you major in? Communication and business management.

Classes you skipped... None. I was a pretty good student. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and won a departmental award for my grades. That doesn’t come with skipping classes.

The worst lecturer was... I don’t think I had a terrible lecturer, just some classes that were tougher than others.

Toughest unit... Statistics. I was much better at research and theory-based classes.

Passing exams meant... I worked at the library so I spent a lot of time there. I studied on my own mostly.

Your best campus experience was? As an international student and part of the multicultural student community, we put on a talent show each year called ‘Images’ where I got to explore my creativity a bit.

Dating experience... I had a lot of crushes but didn’t date much on campus. I had one or two boyfriends in different states so I’d travel to see them when I could.

What did you hate about campus? Lack of diversity. Being a minority student was difficult. My school was mostly white so there was a bit of culture shock for the first two years.

If you could change anything about your campus experience, what would it be? I spent my last semester in Washington DC doing an internship at Voice of America. A few days before my graduation, I was admitted to the hospital so I was not able to travel back to Michigan for my graduation. I always wish I’d had the chance to walk with my fellow graduates.

What would you do differently given the chance to go back to campus? I would involve myself in more groups and activities around campus.

Making some extra cash during campus meant... I worked quite a bit. My favourite jobs were working at the library and being a tour guide for prospective students at the admissions office.

Campus friends... I’m friends with a few of them on social media but not in close contact. We all live in different countries so meeting up isn’t easy.

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