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OPINION: Why the Kamba community should shun Jubilee baits
By Daniel Dereva | Updated Jul 24, 2017 at 09:06 EAT
Kalonzo Musyoka and President Kenyatta

For those who have not been to Ukambani, it may sound as if I am being tribal or as if I am a perpetrator of tribal politics or even a sympathizer of so called tribal kingpins. You might be right but for those who have a deep knowledge of the Ukambani politics will buy my idea.

The kamba land has produced strong leaders who tried to unite the entire Ukambani into one strong bloc which would have had a considerable share in the decision making of this nation. We have had great men with great brains, we had Kisoi Munyoa, we had Kitili Mwendwa (the First African Chief Justice in Kenya), Mulu Mutisya just to mention a few. Those who know most of the mentioned heroes knows how most of them ended and how political betrayal ate them down and cost the Kamba community a great future.

The only mistake that the fallen heroes did was associating and trusting the wrong people along their political career. They trusted the same wrong people who are being trusted by the current leaders who are mobilizing and manipulating the community towards supporting the current regime. Many may wonder about the connection between Jubilee and the former leaders who betrayed the heroes of Ukambani. Anyone with a strong grasp of the politics of this great nation of Kenya will agree with me that the monkeys are the same, what changes is the jungle.

Once bitten twice shy, we have some of Ukambani leaders who survived the political betrayer. None of them can think of supporting Jubilee or any of their tricks branded development. A perfect example is the former vice president Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. You all know the payback that Kalonzo got from saying Kibaki tosha. Kaluki Ngilu got a double payment, one; for supporting them which cost her her senatorial seat in 2013 elections. She was later incorporated into the system which also ate her when she was chased from the government like a chicken thief while others like Waiguru who had committed a much bigger and blatant corruption act was given a noble exit with a standing ovation.

This shows how much difference there is between the two, you all know what distinguishes the two. That is the same reason why the two are vying for same ranked seats but with two different political parties. Anyone can clearly see the political future of some Ukambani leaders who are supporting the regime, the political fates of the incumbent Machakos governor and the incumbent Kitui South MPs are clearly sealed. This will be discussed in details in the next blog. 

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