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Elders save Busia woman after husband threatens to kill her for cooking ugali wrong
By Nelson Mandela | Updated Jun 29, 2017 at 12:22 EAT
A woman cooks ugali at her kitchen

One man in Mauko village Busia County on Monday evening shocked neighbours after threatening to divorce his wife for losing maize flour.

It is alleged that the man bought 4 kilograms of maize and sent his wife to the posho mill but she mistakenly took cassavas and came home with the flour.

Sources reveal that all was well until the man was served with cassava flour ugali.

So annoyed by the act, the husband faced his wife demanding for an explanation as to why he was not having 'Ovusuma' as his meal.

“Sino ne si, esie ndakharundiranga endie msatsa wasienge?"

(What is this, how can I be feeding fellow man?)”, he said.

Efforts by his wife to have him calm down landed on deaf ears as he threatened to beat her up.

The thirty minutes melee caught the attention of neighbours who watched in dismay.

It took the intervention of village elders who resolved that the posho mill owner and the woman who mistakenly took the flour pay back the 4 kilograms of maize.

“He should be responsible for the safety of his customers’ properties” said the husband.

He further said that it was a huge loss to him at the time when the maize prices are still costly for a common Mwananchi.

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