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Diamond's wife Zari reveals more about her ex-husband Ivan Semwanga
By Paul Baraza | Updated May 26, 2017 at 13:12 EAT
A photo of Zari and he ex-husband Ivan
Diamond's wife Zari has revealed more about her ex-husband, how they related and what prompted her to visit him in hospital just to be by his side. ​To many Zari Hassan did the unthinkable when his ex-husband Ivan Semwanga was hospitalised at Steve Biko Academy Hospital in Pretoria South Africa by visiting him and staying by his side on his hospital bed until he died.Initially, Zari took to social media and asked her fans to pray for his ex-husband who was in a critical condition. "Last two days have been hard. Lets pray for Ivan please,” she posted.She then visited him in hospital and she was there for him until he breathed his last. She went ahead to eulogise her ex-husband.According to Zari, his ex-husband was such a special person who helped so many people above all touched the lives of many. She further said that Ivan was such a caring husband who always advised her on how to go about life.In addition, she said that his wise counsel has had a great impact in her life up to now. She also made it clear that Ivan was a charming father who stayed close to his children all the time. “God loves those that are special and that's exactly who you were & I guess that's why he wanted you to himself. You have touched and helped thousands, you did wonders and I remember you telling me , 'life is too short let me live it to the fullest', this very dark hour it makes sense why you always said those words to me. To your sons, you were a hero, some kind of superman. Anyone who has ever been in your presence knows what a charming person you were. You will be missed and remembered in so many ways. You were IVAN THE GREAT! Rest in peace DON,” Zari posted. She further said that as a couple, they hustled every penny they got. They started at a low point and God crowned their hustle that is why they got what they got.Zari revealed that she used to pray for her husband on a regular basis asking God to keep blessing him. She also said that she couldn’t tell her sons that their father was useless. She preferred telling them the achievements their father had made.  The truth of the matter is that that is the father of her children and the bond is there forever. Whatever made them separate should not come between what they formed. They will forever and always have a bond no matter the situation. Meanwhile, Grace Nailantei hinted on how she met Zari and Ivan back in 2002 in South Africa and lived together with them. By then Zari used to run a salon at Van der Walt and Ivan had just started his businesses.

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