Maize price drop draws unexpected reactions

Kenyans now have a reason to smile as government introduces low costs on maize in the market.

This comes after a few weeks of cries over the high prices of maize flour, sugar and milk in supermarkets and the retail shops. 

It became a crisis whose origin is yet to be known as maize prices suddenly shot up giving Kenyans no doubt but to abandon their very staple food 'ugali' opting for other alternatives.

It later on turned into a laughing stalk as Kenyans on social media started making memes concerning this disturbing issue. 

The government in its defense claimed that they had imported maize from Mexico drawing too much attention as the Mexican embassy in the country denied having exported the commodity to Kenya. 

With the new prices of maize now at Sh90 per 2kg packet of maize flour down from Sh150 and 47 shillings per kilo, Kenyans through social media, especially twitter, still question why the prices went up in the first place.

Again,why the sudden drop as the economists argue that the law of demand and supply defy that prices of maize would suddenly drop from 150 shillings to 90 shillings within 24 hours. 

The other disturbing issue is, why is it that it is just maize meal?

Milk and sugar prices are still sky high for the tax payer to afford. Should Kenyans also expect a sudden drop?