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Khaligraph Jones answers to 'bleaching' questions
By Dennis Kisembe | Updated May 17, 2017 at 14:21 EAT
KhaligraphJones performs on stage

Hate him or love him Khaligraph has set the standard of hip hop somewhat high locally. He is massively talented and with good management and discipline, he may break into the international market that is very competitive and a reserve for a few.

Khaligraph recent interview on TV was what was expected of him but his facial change was something else.

​The dark skinned Khaligraph was now light skinned with makeup and trimmed beards. He looked like General Defao the famous Congolese musician. Khaligraph hands probably betrayed him because on a close scrutiny they looked dark.

The question that needs to be asked is why did Khaligraph bleach his face? Did he feel inferior in his dark skin or as he argued during the interview that his dark skin was his past?

Whatever reason behind his bleaching its high time Africans feel proud of their dark skin. Dark skin is beautiful, natural, and irresistible. Khaligraph like many who have bleached their skins is a victim of a popular culture that has continually depicted white skin as superior to the dark skin that is depicted as ugly and inferior.

Of course, this is a far fetched theory with no research to back up such a utopian argument. I will advise those contemplating to bleach their skin to look at Lupita Nyongo. She has graced the cover of many magazines because of her dark skin. She is beautiful, elegant, intelligent, unapologetic, confident and a fashion icon in her dark skin.

Well, money talks as they say but why bleach or scrub your face to look different. What matters is the content of your character and not the colour of your skin. I am a proud dark skin African and very thankful to God for my dark skin that I will never trade for anything!!!

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