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Kenya should consult widely before establishing a terrorist jail
By Richard Miriti | Updated Apr 01, 2017 at 11:56 EAT
Kenya is in the process of establishing a special jail for terrorist convicts. This is a good move yet a dangerous one at the same time.
A dangerous move in the sense that pressure groups are likely going to use that to milk the west in their bid to oppose the move.Even if the jail is established there is no known research available to indicate the pros and cons of establishing the jail.What justification will the jail have? The biggest problem with establishing a one uniform jail is that you will be creating another generation of terrorist masterminds.It should be noted that majority of terrorist convicts once released most likely than not end up going back to terrorism.

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They become more lethal and more motivated to accomplish their mission.The jail will also act as a recruitment tool for terrorist franchises in Kenya and in the neighboring Somalia.If the jail is not secured in the confines of the fortified special forces military facility, the jail will become a facility of constant rocket attack, suicide bombing missions and shooting range of terrorist masterminds. Kenya ought to consult widely before establishing the jail.Islamic State grew and thrived in special jails where terrorist masterminds were held in various locations in Iraq.The withdrawal of United States forces saw the release of thousands of terrorist suspects who while in these special jails made contacts and established special relationships that helped establish a lethal organisation that Al-Qaeda envy.A special jail can be a breeding ground for terrorist masterminds, it can be a channel where cell leaders and regional commanders are raised.The jail can also be a place where terrorist are reformed and fine turned to be responsible citizens.The custodians of criminal justice system in Kenya should consult widely before making a move that will forever change Kenya. Whatever path Kenya takes will have a major impact in the war against terrorism Richard Miriti International Security Expert, author and a graduate of Master of Science in Homeland Security ([email protected])

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