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Why The Standard Newspaper is the paper to grab today onwards
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Mar 29, 2017 at 09:07 EAT
Consumers of Kenyan media content across the globe have a chance to feel the change in the industry as The Standard Newspaper takes a new face into much more diversified content in the boldest way only it, can. ​Starting today March 29,2017, grabbing a copy of the daily will help you understand why the Hashtag #Feelthechangeke has been all over social media platforms in the recent days. The whole paper has changed and it is time to scale upwards your access to the paper at distribution points or through subscription and digital platforms. The group chief executive officer Sam Shollei said the paper had a rich history as the oldest paper in the region (115-year-old) and had the tradition of rebranding the paper after every five years.He said what readers will access today is an improved Standard newspaper. He said newspaper will continue to exist as he believes traditional media is growing as the mirror of the society and urged journalist to be credible. Today's paper will have a revamped, once existent, pullout called Hustle with an eye on growing readership through its coverage of unusual business tales of making ends meet for real hustlers. Much more is in the new look and missing out online to give your feedback on what you feel about the change will be unfortunate, least to say. College, university students, and the youthful generation will have a taste of their story on education and innovations told in the best way possible by the Standard's hashtag magazine to be out alongside the paper.  Hashtag which will be out on Thursday, March 30 is one of the new magazines and is focusing on education to be managed by Mr. Thorn Muli. Despite being the oldest, since 1902, the Standard has remained the boldest.Mr. Sholei during the relaunch on Tuesday said the various sections of the paper had been subjected to color coding to ease the reader's navigation. He said change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.Standard editor Clay Muganda believes the new shift is as great as change and transformation of the industry. Mr. Joseph Odindo the group's editorial director said the change was key and close to the digital media age to the demands of the readers."Newspapers not only bring news in the morning, they must offer something that gives it a longer shelf-life," said Mr. Odindo at the relaunch. He added that news will be accessible and consumable at any time of the day expressing hope that readers will enjoy the new look and have their needs met.Print section's lead Francis Munywoki said the public should expect a very different package from what they are used to in the past.

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