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Sonko defends his grade E in math in KCSE exams
By Paul Baraza | Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 14:21 EAT
Nairobi senator Mike Mbuvi sonko has stood to defend his E grade he attained in KCSE exam in 1992. ​Speaking to his supporters on Sunday he said that the 1992 KCSE exam was not a walk in the park.He admitted that it was a hard nut for many to crack.According to him when the results were released there was a mass failure of the candidates who sat for KCSE that year.He also said by him getting min grade of C- (minus) was some sort of an achievement given that the grade of going to the university was placed at C+ (plus)“watu wangu getting an E in maths in 1992 haikuwa mbaya kulikuwa na mass failures mean grade ya kuingia campo was c+ and my mean grade was c- (minus),“ said SonkoHe lashed at those saying that he is not learned. He further said that the examination council is in Nairobi where those who are doubting him can go and confirm his academic qualifications.He further hinted that he can back up the evidence with his graduation photos.Sonko said that he went to Unity college in Nairobi which enabled him to enroll at Kenya Methodist University (KeMu).Additionally, he said that he is better placed than some of the leaders who are in leadership positions and they are not learned as him.“Ask some leaders like Joho their certificate and they will never show it. For me even the Deputy President came to my graduation,” said Sonko.The Nairobi senator went head to ask his supporters what he should do now that some people are alleging that he is not well learned.“Watu wangu munataka Niseme nini coz wanasema sijasoma I don't deserve to be your Governor?” asked Sonko.Sonko further said that there are people who have been asking him to step down for Peter Kenneth.He vowed to soldier on with his quest of becoming the next governor of Nairobi.Sonko on the other side said that political leaders are chosen by the people and not through consensus.“Political leaders are determined by the people, through the ballot. Not consensus in secret boardrooms or deals struck in drinking joints,” added Sonko

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