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Ababu dismisses claims that he is still a member of ODM party
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 10:49 EAT
Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) leader Ababu Namwmba has insisted that he will defend his seat on the party's ticket despite claims that he is still a member of the ODM party. ​Mr. Zaccheus Wangila Simiyu, a member of LPK, petitioned that Namwamba is not a member of LPK adding that his name does not even appear in the party's membership register.“At no time has the respondent -Ababu Namwamba been a member of the LPK party, he is still a member of ODM,” argued Mr. Wangila in his petition.Namwamba while on KTN news in Friday night said dismissed claims of his sustained ODM membership and affirmed that he seized to be a member of the party he served as the secretary general six months ago."ODM to me is history now I am in labour party to stay and anyone can confirm my membership at any time from the registrar of political parties," he said.The petitioner had noted that Mr. Namwamba misleads the public in transacting party businesses yet according to him he was not a bona fide member of the party. Namwamba expressed confidence that he will successfully defend his seat on the LPK party and believes that he has set a clear record during his tenure. He added that he still maintains a good relationship with ODM party leader Raila Odinga since politics to him deserves not to be handled to personal levels. He further defended the LPK stand to support President Kenyatta's bid for a second term saying the party remains independent and had resolved to support the President.

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