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After BLAZE, campus hustler Keith Asumba is his own boss
By Brian Guserwa | Updated Mar 17, 2017 at 07:58 EAT

Who is Keith Asumba?

I am (forever) young, ambitious and a passionate gentleman and marketer.

Tell us about your show, ‘Washed.’

‘Washed’ is a killer web series where everything was just real and organic. I linked up with two of my mates, and talked about the experiences of a typical university student. We chopped up everything from business, global politics and government, sports and culture to ‘sponsors’ and student leadership, but we would put our personal spin on it.

How was BYOB show?

Impactful, unforgettable. Meeting these great minds all at once for the first time was a bit overwhelming, but what an experience it has been!

Are you now a celebrity?

Celebrity? No, but I have been recognised by people out there on the streets and most recently in the bank. There’s been so much love and support from them, it’s humbling and great to see that people recognised and appreciated my time on the show. They show me love and I show it back.

What have you been up to since?

Currently, I run operations at Medios Limited – the largest influencer marketing agency in the city, innovatively marketing brands online.

It was started by my business partner, Kamarichi, in 2015 and we earned revenue through it on Washed. We are also lining up another web series, you’ll see it when it’s ready.

What next for you?

I’m working on a new show, which is in the works. We already have the first season of the production themed and idealised, so that will be huge for me and this region. Then see what happens after that.

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