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Build A Business that Lasts

To build a business that will last, that even your future generations will build on and will be your lifetime legacy, it takes time.

The depth of the foundation dug to hold the tallest building in the world is not the same as the depth dug in a one bedroom house.

The materials used also varies, to support such tall buildings, they use lots of steel, hire the best engineers and architect in the world for such a building to stand.

It also takes time to build such. Once it stands, that building enters into history as a landmark of the Land.

To build a business Empire, the investment you begin with has to be broad with a lot of insight, projection, lots of planning and the ultimate goal to be achieved.

The investment I am talking here is not money. People who are the renowned world magnates started from very little cash but what they had in common was a big vision.

 ‘’… The most important thing is to know and identify who you are and what you want in life such that when you encounter these external forces, you are able to resist them and move ahead to achieving that which you want to become in life.

 As long as you took time to identify your vision correctly the strategy might change to overcome the obstacles of life where you apply new tactics but the Destination should remain the same.

It saves one many years of anguish when one remain persistent in pursuing one vision rather than going half way and giving it up to start a new one when you have invested a lot of resources into it…’’ (An excerpt from my booklet-Vocational Training).

The people who have impacted the world in such a big way, I would call them The World Changers and are my inspiration are just to name a few Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson; had a vision. Their visions to sum it up I can say have revolutionized the world.

The millennial era cannot ignore these men. The computers and social media have brought the world into a global village, and Sir Richard Branson want to take his tourism idea into space where you pay for a ticket to make a visit!

These men have struggled. We only see their ‘public figure’ side but I can bet they have spent sleepless night trying to figure things out.

Their wealth did not come in a day, some had given up and sold their vision only the vision to return to them because vision carriers have this unique thing in common, they are wired purposely to revolutionize the world in that specific area and no one can do what they do.

We are all world changers. We are one big networking system and we play a part to bringing the world state as it is now.

 Some of us have taken their role seriously and are building the foundations of their visions, some probably are in their old age and are finalizing that which they came to achieve on earth but what about those that don’t want to dream big.

The kind that wants to flow with the system; because if you look critically, the world changers work in reverse, against the normal world systems and that is why they are able to cut a niche above the rest.

Most of us are caught up in business ambitions that make us run after money all our lives. It is tiring when money becomes elusive and have to keep on running after it or have to keep on scheming on how to get it rather than investing in a business or businesses that once founded money flows in even when you are in the comfort of your bed sleeping.

It is achievable, but no successful vision carrier will tell you that he made it in a day. It takes years to build this Empires but once done, you will enjoy for the rest of your life time, you retire early and can travel the entire world and the brave ones can travel to space!

The problem in the society today is that no one want to carry the burden of birthing a vision, yes I call it birthing because once conceived it takes time to shape up in the womb of your mind before it is birthed in the world for all to see and it also has its painful moments.

 You labour for it first before it gives you something in return. It is then nurtured in its baby steps till it grows and develops to be able to impact to its fullest capacity.

For a vision carrier to excel, they are aware that mostly their place is to birth the vision, and they will tell you that they surround themselves with THINKERS.

People whom I will call the Prophets of the Empire. The Prophets project ahead, years to come, what state the world will be and what people will need and then they are able to come up with a product or a service that will suit the consumers then and sell it at a higher price for it will be in demand. They rake in Billions.

However, not all of us are Vision Carriers, identify who you are today, if not a vision carrier, are you the thinker in the vision carrier’s life, are you the administrator, are you his PA; What are you?

Remember, your position may appear small but in the right place no one can do what you do and you will be hired at the highest salary to do it.

Find your place today, nurture it, become a professional in that area and you will not only work to earn a living, you will be passionate about it because it is who you are. You will love it!