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COVENANT POWER - GOD IS ABLE: It is never too early or to late for God to do a miracle
By Pastor Simon Mwangi | Updated Feb 08, 2017 at 10:22 EAT

Nothing is Impossible with God. His Name is El-Shaddai (the all-powerful, all sufficient God). What He did for Abraham at 100 years of age and Sarah at 90 through His Covenant Power He will do for you today. It is never too early or to late for God to do a miracle.

Abraham and Sarah were at their weakest point in their lives when God introduced Himself to them as God almighty (El Shaddai). (Rom. 4: 18 - 20).

Covenant Power Is:


1. Destiny Changing


2. Fruit Impacting


3. Territory Expanding


4. Purpose Giving


5. Enabling


Covenant Power lifted Abraham and Sarah from nothing to becoming father and mother of Nations. In their lineage came up Kings and eventually, the promise was consummated in Jesus Christ. It is never over unless and until God says it is over.

El-Shaddai is able to turn your ashes into a crown of beauty. A cripple of 38 years started walking again because Christ released a covenant command on Him (John 5: 1-9). You will walk again. God Is Able-El Shaddai.


Arise and shine.


Pastor Simon

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