Dear Hon Minister;

Greetings Waziri.I have searched you through many platforms to convey my message to you but unfortunately could not get any formal channel to do so, and that why I have opted for this one.

 First, may I thank you for the great job we are witnessing in the ministry of education. You have brought change that we longed for ages and every sober Kenyan can see.

Just one request bwana waziri. As I write to you this short letter, my eyes are soaked in tears. Tears of killed dreams, dreams of bright future…and not because of my faults bwana waziri, but because of where I studied.

 I am one of the so many frustrated students who pursued engineering degree in a public university that was accredited and mandated fully by the then CHE (now CUE) to offer the course.

However, the engineering regulatory body which is the EBK, did not recognize the program, a factor that makes it impossible to practice or get any engineering job in Kenya without the EBK registration.

We have been so much frustrated for being denied a chance to become what we wanted to become because of the institution in which we studied in. We performed highly in our KCSE in order to be admitted in these programs, worked hard in universities to pass but then when we graduate we end up in frustrations.

Some key questions are: Why did the government admit us in these universities when the same government cannot grant us the accreditation to practice? Why is the accreditation based solely on the university one studied without even taking a registration exam like what other regulatory bodies do?

If both the EBK and the CHE/CUE are government institutions, why are they conflicting at the expense of parents/students' destiny? If say a student in an EBK accredited university sits an exam in a class of students in an unaccredited university, would that student top the class?

Why is EBK cutting short our dreams which we so earnestly fought for without due procedure? Why, why, why? Waziri, this is just part of a very painful story of what we are going through and if you can, I appeal to you that you come to our rescue. We will so much appreciate your intervention on this issue.

Thank you as you plan to intervene