Youth should be represented by people who stand for Youth interests.

 Article 55 of the Kenyan constitution defines youth as those aged between 18 and 35.Youth make up the highest percentage of Kenya’s population, unfortunately, a large percentage of this population is unemployed and feel disadvantaged in terms of access to opportunities, representation, and participation.

The constitution envisions in article 97(1) that political parties nominate 12 members to represent special interests including the youth. Representation of the youth in the senate is provided for in article 98 which requires that the senate have two members, one man and one woman representing the youth.

At the county level youth representation and participation in the county, assemblies is provided for in article 177(c

The jubilee government should be applauded for enabling youth access to government tenders through AGPO.This has enabled elevated many youths from poverty.

The youth must remain vigilant to ensure that they are included in all aspects of society in the manner envisioned by the constitution.its now time to nominate people who represent Youth interests but not those who ride on youth interests to get political millage.