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Will there be African vision
By Emmanuel Yegon | Updated Jan 15, 2017 at 16:05 EAT
Will There Be An Africa? ​Are they really visions?Or are they mere illusions?Statements that are in themselves conclusions.Dreams for the betterment of Africa’s conditionsVisions 2030, 2060, 2090,Or any other visions there be.Goals yet to be achieved.A hypothetical future yet to unfold.From Millenium development goals.Now sustainable development goals.Endless conventions to discuss these goals.And never implementing actual projects.Endless talks on unity.Yet our governments practice impunity.Democracy is for the paper we have monarchies.And the continent tops in corruption.Africa suffers extreme poverty.Countless deaths due to terrorism and insecurity.Hatred among its people, negative ethnicity.Drug loads and perpetrators of hatred granted immunityWill there be an Africa?If our leaders continue to steal from us.And take our monies to offshore banks.While our economies are crippled?Will there be an Africa?If our markets shall be filled with imported goods.When local products fetch low prices.And local producers have to suffer the losses?Will there be an Africa?If we still entertain foreigners?Who comes to us with silly niceties?And take away our natural resources?Will there be an Africa?When all we can do is talk about peaceYet our leaders finance terror groups?And supply them with weapons to kill Africa?Will there be an Africa?If the few people who champion for changeAre silenced and killed in cold blood?Never to be seen or heard again?Will there be an Africa?If the ideologies for changeGo no further than mere words?Pr stunts and war of wits?Will there be an Africa?If Africa’s young men and womenContinue to languish in unemploymentRadicalization and endless crime?Will there be an Africa?If we detest our continent?If our airports will daily be fullOf outbound flights to the west?Will there be an Africa?If in every state in the continentThere still will be only 10 billionairesAnd millions of poor people?Will there be an Africa?If the reckless felling of trees continues?Poaching and mishandling of natural resources?Dreading desertification and global warmingWill there be an Africa?If governments do not put their spending in check?If taxpayers will continue to be burdenedBy extrapolated public debts?Africa Unite!End the animosityJoin forces to counter terrorismWork together to end insecurityEnlighten Africa, end illiteracyEmpower Africa, end povertyGuard your wealth!Protect your natural resourcesReduce overdependence on foreign aidImprove on your agricultureDevelop more industriesImprove on internal tradeMay peace prevail in Africa!Let us all work togetherTo build a better, stronger, peaceful AfricaAn Africa, for Africans, by AfricansAn Africa that embraces equalityAn Africa where people live in unityBound by the beauty of their diversitiesAn Africa with a rich cultural heritageAn Africa that prides in her natural resource endowmentA coveted destination by tourists world overA continent with visionary leadersFlourishing economies, excellent social, political and economic systemsLet there be an AfricaThat we shall all be proud and confidentTo hand down to the generations to comeOne continent, a united people, one Africa!United states of [email protected]_©Emmanuel Yegon

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