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Wealth and poverty all comes from life expectations
By | Updated Jan 13, 2017 at 14:43 EAT
It is always hard to determine what life expects from you, as you are very determined to what you expect from the life you live. That’s how funny life is. You will always get determined and somehow sure that tomorrow you have to look for something, regardless of what just to fill your stomach.
This situation should have its term to describe it, but, according to a lot of sources checked, looking at the different perspectives of life and the human being and what both expect from each other. As a young mutant, I need to hustle so as to get the ends meet.Critically, looking at life, it gives you back what you expect it to give you. I can call it a trade in which life takes only your character, faith, belief and trust enhancing you to be optimistic discouraging pessimists not to exist. Have you ever wondered why only those who are wealthy still get more opportunity to become richer whereas the poor only are determined to only get what can satisfy them? More explained by, when you hold on to your 100/= note, keeping it under the bed or pillow, it blocks you from getting ways of looking for another note, poisoning your mind that you still got something to hold on, hence making you stay stagnant at the particular point. This is evident from the Luo riddle that ‘Jo ma nigo emi medo’ (Those who have are the ones added).Therefore, just to note that life gives back what you expect it to give you. Expect more get more, hence, pessimistic is poisonous (double P), which is dangerous making your life miserable without answers. Every action is a product of human being, hence change to get great changes you want in your life because life gives you what you deserve. The only pessimist who see the glass as a half empty always say life is unfair to them. Please be the one who says the glass is half full. ‘The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our action’ as said by A. Godin

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