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Bahati's apology
By kay Jackson | Updated Jan 15, 2017 at 16:05 EAT
A few days ago gospel singer Bahati apologized to all his fans through his social media platform in a statement confessing that he was also greatly to be blamed in devaluing the ministry of God. According to him, the last gospel song he did was Barua back in the year 2014. ​Well, his apology attracted a lot of discussion with some congratulating him of the bold move while others were left with the suspense of what the youngster was up to one more time. In a photo to go with his apology was the caption “what I expect in 2016/2017 Groove awards male artist of the year”.Some said Bahati was beginning to miss Groove awards and his apology was just but a scheme to hunt for the same. Others said he was after attention but to the many of his followers Bahati was just beginning to realize he wasn't the minister he used to be. All he wanted was to come back to real ministry.Bahati has released an amazing song featuring the iconic gospel warrior Jemimah Thiong’o. The song “Kwa Moyo “ is produced by R kay, a producer he says discovered him and the video being directed by the amazing Bwoy P.Going through the lyrics and what Bahati posted on his media platform immediately upon releasing the song “As I start my New Musical Season... LORD RECEIVE THIS...KWA MOYO WANGU with Mum Jemimah Thiong'o,”It is evident that Bahati is coming back to the heart of worship and realizes he wants to start something real with his ministry. You can watch the song through his youtube page.

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