Law be amended for sexual offenders to serve longer sentences

Sex predators are every parent’s nightmare today; children as young as eight month old are violated. While incest and bestiality goes unreported in many parts of the country.

Child pornographers and pedophiles are busy scavenging for their preys on cyber, hence create correspondence and violate them. Hardly a day goes by without hearing a sexual violation by the stranger rapist or pedophile or in the extreme a relative, in Kenya.

The perpetrators often adopt unsuspected persona to their victim. Characteristically they are humble, use charm, too many details and unsolicited promises to easily trap their sex preys. On the other hand, their victims are naïve and quiet gullible to extent of falling for their trickery.

In the past it was feared that, girls are more vulnerable to predators, however boys as well are at risk of sexual molestation. However, the most disturbing aspect of the offence to both girls and boys is quietude.

This happens because of fear of reprisals from the predators and stigma from the society. But again, my advice to boys, girls and the parents; to girls and boys, please listen to your fear, your intuition (the inner voice) could save you from imminent attack by predators. Secondly, there is a need for social space with a stranger when talking to each other.

However, the moment you (girls and boys) allow a stranger or even a relative ultimate space, between yourselves, it gives them opportunity to rape or sodomize.

To the mother, your closeness with the daughter, girls are looked down upon since time immemorial due to the societal mores. This mindset is still harboured by psychotic male who want to use their masculinity to breakdown daughter’s resistance to their sexual advances. Therefore, mothers, please do not buy your daughters revealing clothing, tight fitting and short dresses or skirts that restrict their bending or could expose their sacred parts of nature. Buy your daughters pant-horses to avoid exposing their underpants hence provoke men with ‘ego-aggrandizement' who eventually, brutally violate your daughters.

Male parents be firm to your sons, their frequency to cyber, affords them time to hook up with strangers who in the end violate them after meeting face-to-face and being taught by strangers how to 'love'

Since law is the statement of circumstances to which public force is brought to bear on men to help protect the innocent minor boys and girls, laws should be amended so that the offenders are made to serve longer sentences than is currently prescribed in the constitution. My school of thinking is that part of enforcement is not legally viable.

Sexual offences act 2006 it’s not favourable to girl or woman. For example, the repealed section 144 (3) of penal code states that: whoever intending to insult the modest of any woman or give utters any word makes any sound or gesture or exhibits any object intending that the word or sound shall be heard or that gesture or object shall be seen by a woman or girl or intrudes upon privacy of a woman or girl is guilt of misdemeanor and is liable to imprisonment for one year. Any parts of sexual offences acts of the years 2003, 2006 and 2010 should be harmonized to be consistent and punitive to culprits other than lenient.