Hostel crisis hits Kisii University

A number of students from Kisii University have been forced to seek alternative accommodation in shanties owing to biting shortage of housing in the institution.

The university, which has a population of 12,000 students, has a paltry seven tiny hostels. The problem has been compounded by the fact that the university in 2014 terminated a lease agreement it had with three private hostels.

Students who cannot get rooms in the university now pay up to Sh10,000 per semester for rooms in private hostels. This is exorbitant given the same rooms cost just Sh3,500 a few months ago.

An ultra-modern hostel which has been under construction has been turned into an academic block, further denying the students reprieve.

A statement issued by the university management read in part: “... will only provide accommodation to limited number of students, mostly a number of first years and the disabled.” Vice chancellor Prof John Akama has on numerous occasions cited government’s reluctance to fund infrastructural development projects in the institution.

Despite these challenges, the university admitted over 4,000 first year students in August this year.