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Plan to inspect private vehicles ill-advised
By Peter Murima | Updated May 06, 2016 at 08:13 EAT

The National Transport and Safety Authority has failed again this time in its ill-advised intention to inspect private vehicles.

In 2014, the Motorists Association of Kenya had opposed the idea.

The agency, in its characteristic disregard for the public plight, intends to force inspection of private vehicles. The aim of the unilateral decree is highly suspicious and obvious.

The agency has failed miserably in its mandate to ensure safe roads but is more concerned with revenue generation targetted at the already overburdened vehicle owner.

From the failed cashless PSV platform, corruption riddled inspection of commercial vehicles, flopped speed governors, unilateral policy formulation, failed inter-agency liaison, illegal erection of bumps on highways, to this unacceptable inspection of self-regulated private vehicles, the agency will have itself to blame for failing in its cardinal mandate to make roads safer.

Insurance companies inspect the condition of cars every year, which is sufficient means to ascertain road-worthiness. Police also check vehicles they suspect to be unroadworthy and that also works well.

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