This person is responsible for most football chaos

Chaos after football matches have mistakenly been termed hooliganism by some fans.

The protests result from dissatisfaction over decisions of match officials or club‘s performance. Clubs with big followings like Gor Mahia and AFC are synonymous with protests.

Therefore, for any well-meaning official or party to football proceedings, the wise thing to do is to put in policies that help recognise situations of such clubs and not drive ideas that will antagonise football agenda.

Match officials are the major catalysts for 98 per cent of football chaos. Sometimes as a referee you fish out a red card instead of a yellow card. You give an indirect kick instead of a direct one.

You are conned by a diving cheat and you award a penalty yet the spectators have seen it better. You give a genuine call like the penalty awarded to Ulinzi FC against AFC Leopards and an ill-mannered player remonstrates and shoves the referee.

The referee forgets he already issued a yellow card to a player and issues another yellow instead of red card on a second offence.

These are the unique situations that arise. Ways must therefore be found to go around old practice rules that declare the decision of the referee final.

The punishment for chaos must therefore be heavily owned by match officials. It costs clubs to prepare teams for matches only to lose unfairly. Dialogue must be encouraged in the field and referees must not be made to rule by an iron fist.

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