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Put CCTV cameras on roads to good use
By Mike Rono | Updated Jan 19, 2016 at 09:59 EAT

It does not make sense that motorists blatantly break traffic laws yet the city has cameras at just about every junction.

The sight of public service vehicles and private cars dangerously overlapping or ignoring traffic lights with impunity has become the norm.

According to media reports, the cameras went live in March 2015. If indeed that is the case, then how is it that months later we still need police or National Transport and Safety Authority officers on roads to arrest offenders?

Whichever authority is in charge of traffic should be monitoring motorists through the CCTV cameras.

Furthermore, perhaps with more prudent use of the cameras, we would not be having all these messages on Facebook and WhatsApp warning people to be mindful of carjackers. Carjackers go about their jobs without a care in the world possibly suspecting that nobody is looking at the cameras.

As this is a project that was costly to the taxpayer, Kenyans expect a return on our investment. Cameras should be monitored.

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