Solar energy

  • Sh13.5b project breathes life into once sleepy village

    3 months ago
    The solar power project sits on 85 hectares and is expected to produce 55MW of electricity when completed by the end of September.
  • Solar firm hits 17MW in signed contracts

    3 months ago
    The firm's funding platform offers fully financed solar energy agreements through its certified partners.
  • M-Kopa gets Sh1b from Canada

    7 months ago
    Solar provider M-Kopa has attracted private equity funds of Sh1 billion from FinDev Canada.
  • Render unto Caesar what belongs to him

    9 months ago
    Sometimes you really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Typically, when you are faced with...
  • Why Bamburi cement shelved cheap solar energy plan

    10 months ago
    Bamburi Cement has suspended plans to switch to solar power because of the high cost of the project...
  • Mobisol announces 10 MW of solar energy

    10 months ago
    Mobisol announces 10 MW installed capacity milestone. Mobisol, a provider of decentralised solar solutions, has installed 10MW of solar energy to date.
  • Why solar presents a bright future for East Africa

    1 year ago
    Solar projects are springing up in every corner of the globe, and it's no surprise as this renewable power technology has proven itself at all scales. From powering individual homes to utility-scale solar parks with thousands of panels, solar generates electricity in a wide variety of applications.
  • Rural solar energy initiative gets Sh56.6 million financing boost

    1 year ago
    Finance platform Lendable has secured the debt financing for Raj Ushanga House (RUH), the Kenyan distributor for Azuri Technologies, which is a provider of Pay-as-you-go (PayGo) solar energy solutions.
  • Design of Africa’s largest solar plant in Garissa gets ready

    1 year ago
    Work on Kenya's modest solar energy power plant being built at a cost of sh 12.8 billion in Garissa County is set to start in due course.
  • Capitalising on Africa’s largest lake for solar-powered farming in Tanzania

    1 year ago
    In efforts to assist farmers in Tanzania to improve profitability, Energy 4 Impact is offering business advisory services to Simusolar, a firm providing and financing solar powered irrigation technologies in Tanzania. Energy 4 Impact and Simusolar recently conducted an assessment of farmers in the Lake Zone that encompasses Mara and Mwanza regions. Over 160 farmers and 40 other key players in the value chain including traders, wholesalers and retailers of agricultural crops were assessed in both Musoma and Mwanza districts with an aim of understanding the horticultural value chain in the two areas. “We teamed up with Simusolar to test the hypothesis that smallholder farmers, especially those growing high-value horticultural crops, are open to adopting affordable irrigation technologies once financing schemes, easy access to inputs and agronomic advice are facilitated. This hypothesis testing was a crucial step before making recommendations to farmers on specific irrigation systems
  • Slow regulatory approvals slowing down uptake of solar energy

    1 year ago
    The cost of building solar power plants has been declining globally but Kenya might not benefit substantially from this trend due to bureaucratic processes that result in projects taking unnecessarily longer initiation before commissioning.
  • Kenyan firm beat Tesla to solar roofing tiles

    1 year ago
    Few people knew that Tesla had been beaten to the punch by Kenyan firm Strauss Energy.
  • Green energy can step up transport

    2 years ago
    A few weeks ago, solar energy stunned the world by exclusively powering a plane for 40,000 kilometres. This stunning achievement was a vindication of solar energy as a powerful force that literally transforms the way we move and do business.
  • Africa battles to get big solar projects on grid

    2 years ago
    In an expanse of sand 60 miles (100 km) north of Senegal's capital, two men set to work digging up tree stumps to clear space for what could soon be the biggest solar plant in West Africa.
  • Firms battle in court over M-Kopa brand

    2 years ago
    A legal battle over who owns M-kopa brand is brewing between a private firm and Kenya’s leading telecommunication company, Safaricom, and its partners in the solar energy provision deal.
  • Greenlight Planet launches new platform to facilitate solar lamps purchase

    3 years ago
    Greenlight Planet has launched the Sun King Eco Easy Buy, an innovative pay-as-you-go platform that enables customers to purchase Sun King Eco solar lamps in staggered 10-week instalments.
  • Kenya gets Sh1.5b for solar projects

    3 years ago
    Kenya has received more than Sh1.5 billion to tackle effects of climate change, Environment Principal Secretary Richard Lesiyampe has said.
  • Cheap energy in a bottle

    4 years ago
    For many developing countries, renewable energy is a priority.From nuclear energy to wind and geothermal development projects, billions of dollars are being directed towards alternative energy development.
  • Firm invests Sh1.7 billion to light up rural households

    4 years ago
    A local firm has invested $20 million (Sh1.72 billion) in a project aimed at connecting rural households to solar energy.
  • We must take solar energy to national grid

    4 years ago
    In this second week of March, I pray that you will continue gathering momentum in your respective endeavours. Go for it! And remember the words of Lupita Nyong’o that “your dreams are valid”.