NTSA suspends Embassava Sacco vehicles indefinitely

The National Transport and Safety Authority suspended Embassava Sacco vehicles from operation after one of the matatus was involved in a fatal crash. (Photo:Pkemoi Ngeno/Standard)

Many passengers were Thursday morning stranded as National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) suspended Embassava Sacco commuter buses and matatus indefinitely over last week's accident that killed two people in Nairobi.

The accident occurred along Jogoo Road after an Embassava bus collided head on with another from Forward Travellers Sacco. The buses were speeding on opposite direction when they clashed killing two people.

NTSA boss Francis Mejja says they met the bus management Wednesday and agreed Embassava was to blame before they issued the suspension, pending further action and corrections from the company.

"We met all concerned parties and agreed Embassava was to blame in the case. They have almost two weeks to correct several issues that came up in the process," said Mejja. Mejja added preliminary inspection had established some buses of the company are not road worthy.  

The move affected many Nairobi residents who rely on the buses to commute. There are almost 100 Embassava buses plying on the Eastlands routes and especially the Embakasi route.

Many of the buses were seen parked at petrol stations and various points in the city. This left many commuters stranded and scrambling for the few buses from different companies that were on the roads.

Mejja said the authority wants to ensure sanity on the roads and urged commuters to always report buses that flout road rules.

"Don't keep mum when you experience bad treatment or misbehavior from the crew and buses at large. Report to us and we will punish them," he said.