Two arrested selling copies of the banned movie ‘The wolf of wallstreet’


Nakuru, Kenya: Two movie vendors in Nakuru have been arrested by the Kenya Film and Classification Board after they were found with copies of the banned movie ‘The Wolf of The Wall Street’.

Officials of the monitoring body who embarked on a morning raid in the town’s streets and movies centres managed to arrest two vendors and confiscated over 500 CDs and DVDs of the banned movie.

Lameck Omingo, the regional film monitoring and enforcement head said that the two were found selling the restricted film contravening the constitution of Kenya and the film laws.

“This film was banned last week by the Kenya Film and Classification Board and we had got wind of notorious vendors who still sell it to innocent Kenyans,” said Ominga.

He added that the contents in the film are explicit and have since been classified by the film board as X-rated.

“We are also monitoring posters and other pictures used by advertisers and other image companies on the public to ascertain their authenticity,” he added.

According to Nakuru Sub-County Commissioner Thomas Sunkei, the public should be protected from damaging information on display and it is the responsibility of government to ensure pornographic materials and other restricted film contents do not filter into the society.

“We support the board in carrying out its responsibilities. It is our wish to see a society that upholds morals and good values. This movie was banned long time ago and those found selling it should face the law,” said Sunkei.

According to Section 12 of the Kenya Film and Stage Plays Act, anyone found in possession or selling restricted and unclassified movies is liable to a jail term of up to five years and/or a fine of Sh100,000.

The arrested will be arraigned in court Friday.