Adopt door-to-door policy to distribute relief food, state told

He called on parents to be role models to their children saying some have introduced them to alcoholism.

"We are in a festive season and are appealing to parents to check the movement of their children and prevent them from being lured into crime," said Kamau.

Mr Maathai asked the governments of Kenya and Tanzania to consider construction of dams to harvest storm waters causing the destruction of infrastructure along the borderline.

He said the county governments of Narok and Nakuru should join hands in harvesting water for future use.

"Construction of dams promised by President William Ruto is an idea that leadership in all the 47 counties should emulate to harvest water," said Maathai.

On education, Kamau asked the government to order release of all certificates to candidates since lack of bursary kitty from NG-CDF will be a major challenge next year.

"Absence of bursary will be a major issue next year thus need for the government to give instruction to schools to have the certificates released to all," said Kamau.

Reverend Solomon Maina delivered the sermon as he lauded efforts to uplift the poor.

"Jigger menace has been a threat in many parts of the country but Kamau brought together friends and reduced the level of the infestation," said Maina.

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