Look out for a brighter tomorrow

NAIROBI: I totally loved Tomorrow Never Comes by Sidney Sheldon. I savoured it page by page and not even my high school teacher on duty could stop me from turning the pages.

But inasmuch as I loved the thrilling page-turner, I wonder whether Sheldon should have this book which was bought by millions another title.

Any pessimist seeing the cover of his book then must have been discouraged to even open it. This piece is however not about tomorrow never coming, but the reverse.

Every day at the crack of dawn, whether I slept with a smile or a tear on my face, the sun forcefully reminds me that indeed tomorrow comes.

Even on those dull grey days when the sun appears to be taking a break from its heavy duty, its powerful light will still come through, albeit feebly. So tomorrow does come, and will come even when your world has stopped.

And even though there are so many tomorrows, it is up to you to make the best of today so that when tomorrow comes, it will bring an even better day.

So many tomorrows, and often so little zeal to make the most of them; so many tomorrows, and sometimes such little time to live them up.

But the beauty of life is such that tomorrow always brings so much promise and that must be what keeps millions of people all over the world going.

Because, even in that dark season, tomorrow is always a better day, somehow, probably because it comes with no mistakes in it: but comes with renewed strength.

You deserve a better tomorrow, today. And that is why you ought to put in your best yet and sacrifice so much so that tomorrow is worth living for you and your loved ones.

The biggest tragedy today is that far too many people are giving up on life even before it can happen.

The many youths who seem left with very little option have set up base in the estate watching the sun rise and set, wasting their youthful years away, simply because they do not have the opportunities to steer them towards a more productive life.

The many fathers who forget that there are just as many tomorrows knocking on the door, take to the bottle to drown their sorrows and frustrations.

Many start-ups abort even before they are truly conceived just because their owners lacked just a little more confidence and willpower to keep going.

Many mothers give up on life when they see their children suffer and opt to never see another tomorrow by taking their life and that of their brood.

Life promises so many tomorrows and even when you feel that things can never get better, you just need to forge ahead because there are just so many tomorrows that will come with as many promises.