Comedian Sleepy fires manager after getting 'conned'.

Sleepy Photo: Courtesy

A city businessman is threatening to take comedian Sleepy to court over an alleged breach of contract something Sleepy later clarified. In a copy of a contract that is in our possession, Labo Management committed themselves to have Sleepy perform at a Kageni event organised by the businessman (that took place on Saturday) and were paid a down-payment of Sh15,000 but Sleepy never showed up.

However, the comedian explained to Pulse that the man who acted on his behalf was his former manager, who he fired.

"The guy used to manage me but he does not manage me any more so he swindled the guys. I learned much later that he had been paid on my behalf.

All he kept on telling me is that there was an activation event he wanted me to support. I have stopped working with him because besides this, he also messed up my event that is set for this weekend at Arboretum Gardens.

"I met Labo together with gospel singer Bahati on November 15, and paid the down-payment for both Sleepy and Bahati to Labo who had said he is managing both artistes.

Come the material day, neither Sleepy nor Labo showed up, neither did they give an explanation for their absence," the businessman Omondi wa Mercedese told Pulse.

"I am engaging my lawyers on this matter as Sleepy has been insulting me every time I try to ask him to get my cash refunded.

His manager is not picking up my calls," he said.

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