Young Minds Shine at 2023 Kisumu Chess Festival

Alexis Osoro (right) in action against Samara Zawadi during the Kisumu Chess Festival.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

In the heart of Kisumu, the inaugural 2023 Chess Festival unfolded, bringing together a diverse gathering of young minds, seasoned players, and chess enthusiasts alike.

The tournament, organized with meticulous precision by Tournament Director Andrew Owili, turned out to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the burgeoning chess community in the region.

A notable highlight of the event was the captivating simul conducted by Candidate Master Ben Magana, who took on the challenge of facing 54 of Kisumu's best students and their parents simultaneously.

Magana's commitment to fostering the growth of chess in the region was evident as he engaged in a grueling 5-hour session.

With an impressive tally of 52 wins and two draws—one against student Kennedy Ochieng and another against parent Rose Magana—Magana showcased not only his exceptional skill but also his dedication to nurturing the next generation of chess enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the unique incentive structure for the simul, Magana expressed his satisfaction.

Trevor Maogo, Melvin Aduma and Russel Simon.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

Magana's flawless performance demonstrated not only his mastery of the game but also the potential for chess to unite families and communities in a shared passion.

The tournament itself was a showcase of talent across various age categories.

In the fiercely contested Under 6 Boys category, Kyle Aswa emerged victorious, closely followed by Prosper Polo and Eli Jacobs. In the corresponding Under 6 Girls division, Tatianna Star claimed the top spot, trailed by Phoebe Asiyo and Evanna Watta.

Moving up the age brackets, the Under 10 Boys category witnessed the triumph of Floyd Wasonga, with Shivishwar Bodalikar and Karel Sanders securing second and third places, respectively. Skylar Amor dominated the Under 10 Girls section, followed by Samara Zawadi and Aloo Nyobala.

Trevor Maoga emerged as the Best Player in the Under 12 Boys category, while Shukri Shakira claimed the corresponding title in the Under 12 Girls division. Jesse Fabian and Zena Ibrahim earned the titles of Best Players in the Under 14 Boys and Girls categories, respectively.

Rishit Ravat showcased his prowess as the Best Player in the Under 16 Boys category, and in the Under 18 Boys division, David Praise emerged victorious.

Tournament Director Andrew Owili (left) with participants during fun Activities during the Kisumu Chess Festival.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

As the tournament concluded, Tournament Director Andrew Owili expressed his gratitude to the participants, including students, teachers, and parents, for their unwavering support.

In his vision for the future of chess in the region, Owili emphasized the transformative power of the game, stating, "Chess has the potential to not only develop critical thinking skills but also foster a sense of community and camaraderie. The success of this inaugural Kisumu Chess Festival is a testament to the bright future that lies ahead for chess in our region."

With such a successful start, the chess community in Kisumu eagerly anticipates the continued growth and success of the sport in the years to come.

By Sammy Mose 2 days ago
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