Checkmate in the Lake City: Kisumu Inaugural Chess Festival promises thrills and fun for all

Junior chess master pose for a photo after a past event.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

In a groundbreaking move that promises to transform Kisumu into a chess haven, the Victoria Chess Club and Chess Kenya have joined forces to organize the Kisumu Inaugural Chess Festival 2023.

Scheduled to kick off on Saturday, this tournament marks a significant milestone for the city, introducing a unique blend of chess competition and exciting activities for participants and spectators alike.

The venue for this historic event is the prestigious Kisumu Senior Academy, which will witness the convergence of chess enthusiasts and young prodigies eager to showcase their strategic prowess on the board.

With the tournament encompassing various age categories, from Under 8 to Under 18 for both boys and girls, the Kisumu Inaugural Chess Festival aims to foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among the youth.

The chess battles will unfold through a 6-round Swiss System, where players will be allocated a strategic 30 minutes per game. The intensity and excitement are expected to be palpable as participants vie for victory in each round, demonstrating their skill and mental acuity.

Notably, the festival organizers anticipate a robust participation of 150-200 young chess enthusiasts, adding a dynamic energy to the event.

To enhance the festive atmosphere, the tournament promises not only thrilling chess matches but also a delightful mix of activities, including a Bouncing Castle, Bouggy Cars, swimming, football, and music and dancing entertainment.

Rishit Ravat and Shukri Shakira battling it out during a past tournament.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

A highlight of the Kisumu Inaugural Chess Festival is the opportunity for the top 10 participants from each category to engage in a chess simul with none other than Ugandan International Master Arthur Ssegwayi, the highest-rated chess player in East Africa.

This promises to be an extraordinary experience for the participants, as they test their skills against a seasoned and accomplished chess master.

Andrew Owili, the tournament director and Chess Kenya Vice President, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing the significance of chess during the festive season.

Owili highlighted the positive impact of chess on the youth, stating, "Chess is not just a game; it's a mental exercise that sharpens critical thinking and decision-making skills. As we approach the Christmas season, the Kisumu Inaugural Chess Festival provides a unique opportunity for young minds to engage in a constructive and intellectually stimulating activity."

The Kisumu Inaugural Chess Festival 2023 is poised to be a landmark event, bringing together chess enthusiasts, fostering sportsmanship, and creating lasting memories for participants and spectators alike.

As the city eagerly anticipates the grand kick-off on Saturday, the chess community and beyond are gearing up for an unforgettable weekend of strategic brilliance and festive fun.

By Sammy Mose 4 days ago
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