Suspect narrates chilling details in case on serial women murders

Evan Kebwaro. He confessed to being a member of the gang that robbed raped and killed women. [Harun Wathari, Standard]

A suspect left the courtroom shell-shocked as he narrated how he murdered one of the four women killed in Mawanga Estate, Nakuru, two years ago.

Evan Kebwaro confessed being a member of the gang that robbed women, raped and killed them before setting their houses on fire.

In a plea bargain deal with the prosecution, Kebwaro laid bare the chilling activities of the gang accused of killing Grace Wanjiku, Susan Wambui, Beatrice Akinyi and Diana Opicho between December 21, 2021, and June 24, 2022.

The suspect is facing a manslaughter charge after pleading guilty to the killing of Wanjiku. Last month, he confessed to killing Wambui in another plea deal.

The other suspects Kevin Omondi, Josphat Simiyu, Julius Omondi, Isaac Kinyanjui and Dennis Mmbolo face murder charges.

While confessing on Monday before Justice Samwel Mohochi of the High Court in Nakuru, Kebwaro explained that on June 14, 2022, at around 4pm, he met other accomplices were working at various construction sites.

“Kevin informed them of a task that was to be accomplished the following day, but did not give much details. They all agreed and we met the following day at a playing field near Kingdom Seekers Church at around 9am,” Kebwaro said.

Their journey to Mawanga aboard two motorcycles took 30 minutes. According to him, Kevin directed Simiyu and Kinyanjui to engage Wanjiku at her M-Pesa shop.

The two introduced themselves as carpenters sent by her mother, Esther Njoki, who had left for church, to repair furniture in their house, which was next to the shop.

Wanjiku is said to have dismissed them after confirming with her mother through a phone call. But they forced their way into the shop and get hold of her.

Wanjiku was led to the house where Kevin who placed a knife on her throat. He and Mmbolo then took her to the main bedroom where they killed her, according to the State witness. Mmbolo instructed Julius and Kebwaro to ransack the shop where they found Sh2,500 and airtime scratch cards.

Once back to the main house, they found Kinyanjui packing a 32-inch TV in a box as Kevin spilled petrol before setting the house on fire.

After committing the crime, Kebwaro told the court that they fled on motorcycles. The gang met at around 5pm in Bondeni and were paid Sh2,000.

When Njoki received a call from a neighbour saying her house was on fire, she rushed only to find a rescue team at the scene.

The government pathologist Titus Ngulungu revealed that the deceased died from strangulation and the body had injuries in the private parts.

Kebwaro was later traced to Kisii through a phone they had stolen from the deceased. He led to the arrest of the others.

According to the plea agreement, Kebwaro has agreed to testify on behalf of the prosecution and serve 30 years in jail.

While confessing to the killing of Wambui, Kebwaro painted a gory picture of the crime that was committed in a well-orchestrated plan in June, 2022.

He confessed meeting his co-accused at a construction site days after killing Wanjiku. “Kevin told the group that he could introduce us to other jobs that would bring us quick money. On June 20, 2022, we met at Kingdom Seekers field at around 5pm where he informed us that there was work to be done and we agreed to meet at Makaburini area the following day,” he said.

At about 8am, they boarded their motorcycles to Mawanga. Like in the earlier case, Kevin led them to a house and asked one of them to survey a shop that was under one roof with the main house.

“Mmbolo came back and informed us there was a woman in the house. The others advised him to go and distract the woman, now deceased, by pretending that he was buying something as we gained access to the house by jumping through the iron sheet wall at the back,” he said.

Kebwaro, who was armed with a sword, narrated how they killed the Wambui, stole money and set the house ablaze. 

“We left the compound by jumping over the fence, took our motorcycle, and drove towards town. Kevin and Julius left with television and money,” he added.

Neighbours later broke into the house, which had been locked from inside, and found her child awake and unhurt.

The case will be mentioned on April 19.

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