'Fix the situation', expert to Ruto amid health crisis

Janet Ouko during an interview on Spice FM [Screen Grab]

The ongoing strike by doctors and healthcare practitioners has entered its second month, further crippling the healthcare sector in the country.

Despite  President William Ruto's directive stating there are no funds available to meet their demands, healthcare workers countrywide remain steadfast in their strike until their demands are met.

Ruto has on more than one occasion emphasised that the government's offer on the table is final, a stance staunchly rejected by the medical fraternity.

These statements from the Head of State came after doctors sought an audience with him to address their grievances, a channel that proved effective in previous administrations.

However, the Kenya Kwanza administration maintains its commitment to not resorting to short-term solutions, striving instead to address healthcare workers' issues comprehensively.

As the search for a long-term solution continues, patients across the country are left with no choice but to seek medical services at private hospitals or delay treatment, resulting in tragic outcomes.

Janet Ouko, an expert, highlighted the potential resolution of this crisis if the President alters his approach and takes accountability for the situation.

Speaking on Spice FM on Wednesday, April 17, Ouko stressed the need for the government to fulfill its role and acknowledge the urgency of the matter.

She criticized the government's tendency to deflect responsibility, particularly in critical situations where lives are at stake.

“We need to stop the narrative of us looking at a problem and wanting to escape it by saying it wasn’t me, it was someone else. How can you say it’s not you and you sat at that table? Show us your voice and if you did not speak at that time, own it up,” she said.

“If you go down there and see how citizens are suffering, that alone washes away all the issues.”

Ouko reiterated the need for the government to address short-term solutions rather than solely focusing on long-term strategies, especially considering it is the citizenry bearing the brunt of the ongoing industrial action.

She underscored that the President and his administration possess the capability to resolve the crisis immediately, emphasizing the government's responsibility to its citizens.

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