East Africa Classic Safari Rally at a glance

Classic Rally cars belonging to Aslam Khan (Left) and Azar Anwar had an overnight stay at the Standard Group offices along Mombasa Road after the launch of partnership between East African Classic Rally and the Media outlet on January 17, 2022. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

The long-awaited East Africa Classic Safari Rally is believed to be the toughest of all rallying events in the world from the rough terrain and changing weather patterns.

The Off-road racing fans will get a glimpse of drivers as they cruise over 5,000 kilometres traversing 13 counties. Day one of the rally will cover a total of 496 km with 242km set aside for competitive racing.

 The cars will start off from 7.33 am to 7.54 am at Eburru to Elementaita covering a distance of 33.42 km. This is a short distance to enable drivers to settle down.

At 10.27 am to 11.37 am, the crew will traverse Poror to Kipsaos a distance of 87.17 km which is a real taste of endurance in the rally.

From the challenging stretch in the Kerio Valley were fond memories of the famous God’s Bridge to Nyaru to Kipagich to cover a total of 74.73 km.

 Day two will cover a total of 451 km with a competitive rally distance of 242 km.

From Ol Kalou stretching to Ndaragwa, a new additional route to the East Africa Safari Classic Rally, covers 49.54 km with a good view point for photography.

Laikipia West all the way to Moguni stretches 100.27 km before heading to Polei all the way to Lolldaiga a distance of 92.27 km.

The area is very fast twisty with loose stones and lots of wildlife. Saturday will be day three of the event to cover 400 km which is a full road with blind spots and dry mud holes.

The first stretch will be between Dol Dol to Ewaso Nyiro a distance of 89 km starting from 10.13am to 11.16 am.

After a short liaison and car servicing, the drivers will embark on a grueling stage starting from Lolldaiga to Golf Gate, narrow and twisty track to sum up the Saturday for 54.5 km.

Day four of the event will be the longest with a mammoth 677km to cover. In this stretch, most of the roads are unused for decades and crews will have to go an extra mile to endure.

To start with, rally drivers will cover Ishiara to Kamuwongo, a 78.3km comprise of bends and sharp corners with sandy soil. Mwingi to Zombe is a smooth ride on red soil covering a distance of 74.3 km.

Kyululu Market to Ithumba, 100.3 km drivers will traverse through dense bushy and sharp drifts to sum up Northern Kenya. Monday will be a resting day for rally drivers as they celebrate Valentine’s day.

Tuesday, 15th February, 367 km will be out to be covered with long bends over loose gravel, narrow tracks which will excite drivers to cruise at 200 kph starting with Meshinani Gate to Elenkay 53.3 km, Emukutan to Imbirikana, 70.9 km then Isineti to Amboseli Park, 87.4 km to wrap up the day. 

Day seven, Wednesday 16, a total of 378 km will be covered with 254 km set aside for competitive rallying. Cars will start at Amboseli Park to Iremito, a distance of 85 km.

Crossing through this region during the rainy season is a nightmare considering the black cotton soil covering the terrain. 

Drivers will be treated to another 120 km, which is also a new route added to the rally from Tsavi road to Maneaters. Ndi to Maktan is a short distance of 49 km.

Thursday rally crews will cover a total of 464km with 256 km set for competition.

Drivers will start at Lion Bluff to Taita Lodge, 89 km away passing through overgrown vegetation.

The next stretch will be from Estate to Sisal end, 58 km through sisal plantation and river crossing.

Tsavo to Sala, 108 km on red soil and in some parts black cotton is a fast twist with dips and culverts.

Day 9, will be the final day for the Classic Safari Rally covering Watamu region 148km in a competitive drive.

Chamaka to Chamaka Mbili, 19 km, Boff to Bao Lala, 80 km and Arabuko forest to Sosoni, 48 km.  

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