Youth are too excited about Valentine's Day, not healthy unions

Couples ought to spend more time advising and supporting each other. [iStockphoto]

The long-awaited day for many lovers is almost here.

Several people have made plans for Valentine's Day, particularly how the promises made will be fulfilled.

But youth should be cautious about Valentine's Day. This is the day many may end up being dumped.

Those in relationships ought to think beyond a highly marketed day being only meant for lovers.

There's nothing wrong about being in a relationship, but there has to be something bigger to look forward to than a single day.

Couples ought to spend more time advising and supporting each other. Many youths are battling difficulties that may hurt their relationships.

It's the reason so many people are jumping in and out of relationships, which seems to have a negative impact on their emotional well-being.

Many do not seem to understand the difference between being genuinely attracted to a person or being infatuated and constantly feeling the need to be in a relationship, even though it is not healthy or stable.

Many will be celebrating Valentine's Day without fully comprehending what it takes to be in a relationship. Will the person they are with today still be there in months to come or even years?

Many young couples overlook the importance of proper relationship foundations.

Although taken lightly, many youths ought to be enlightened on how to manage relationships.

Some of the crimes we have witnessed are committed in the name of love because young couples lack proper emotional guidance.

Since they insist on being in relationships, let there be coaching services for youth looking to form significant sexual relationships and how such can help them become better people.

In some cases, these mentors can even be parents teaching youth about maintaining healthy relationships.

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