Hope for Lakers as RentCo gifts Sh1million ahead of Africa Cup for Club Championship

RentCo Africa Chief Executive Officer Robert Nyasimi (far right) after handing over a Sh1 million cheque to Lakers Hockey Club players.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

In the vibrant city of Kisumu, where the beat of Africa's heart pulses through every street, the Lakers Hockey Club stands as a symbol of dedication and tenacity.

For years, this community-based sports club has been the pride of its neighborhood, embodying the spirit of unity through the medium of hockey.

However, the road to success has not always been smooth for these young athletes, and their journey took a remarkable turn on a Saturday that held the promise of a brighter future.

As the Lakers Hockey Club geared up for the 2023 Africa Cup for Club Champions Tournament (ACCC) in Blantyre, Malawi, they faced a formidable challenge – a 2306-kilometer, 35-hour road trip.

Lakers Hockey Club coach Austine Tuju (center) and her players during the launch.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

This journey was not just a physical undertaking; it represented the hurdles and sacrifices these athletes were willing to make in pursuit of their dreams.

The road to excellence, in this case, was a literal one, with dusty highways and winding turns standing as metaphorical representations of the obstacles these young hockey players were determined to overcome.

Amidst the uncertainty of this ambitious road trip, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of RentCo Africa, a leading finance and leasing company.

On Saturday, RentCo Africa formally declared its commitment to supporting the Lakers Hockey Club. The announcement was more than just a financial boost; it was a declaration of belief in the power of sports to uplift communities and transform lives.

RentCo Africa Chief Executive Officer Robert Nyasimi addressing Lakers Hockey Club players.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

Robert Nyasimi, the Founder and Group CEO of RentCo Africa, stood before the Lakers Hockey Team, expressing his admiration for their unwavering determination.

Nyasimi, once a passionate basketball player in his youth, drew parallels between his own journey in sports and the challenges faced by the Lakers.

In his own words, he stated, "I stand before you not only as the Founder and Group CEO of RentCo Africa but also as someone deeply passionate about the journey of young athletes and the pursuit of excellence in sports."

Nyasimi's announcement came with a significant contribution – a generous donation of Sh1 million. This financial injection was not merely a gesture; it was an investment in the dreams, aspirations, and resilience of the Lakers Hockey Club.

The magnitude of this support wasn't lost on the Lakers, who now had not only a sponsor but also a mentor who understood the transformative power of sports.

Lakers Hockey Club players and RentCo officials during the launch.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

"Recently, we learned about the Lakers Hockey Team's audacious contemplation of embarking on a 2306-kilometer, 35-hour road trip to Blantyre, Malawi, for the Africa Cup for Club Champions Tournament (ACCC2023)," Nyasimi explained.

"This revelation struck a chord within me. The mere thought of these young athletes undertaking such a formidable journey, facing the challenges of the road, only to compete in a tournament that represents the pinnacle of club hockey in Africa, is nothing short of inspiring."

Nyasimi's personal connection to the struggles of young athletes made the sponsorship more than a business transaction. It became a mission to empower and inspire the Lakers Hockey Club to reach new heights.

"As someone who once stood on the court as a passionate basketball player in my youth, I intimately understand the sacrifices and determination required to pursue one's dreams in sports. The Lakers Hockey Club's story resonates with me on a personal level, evoking nostalgia for my own journey and the challenges I overcame to excel in the sport."

RentCo Africa's commitment went beyond the financial realm. Nyasimi expressed the company's aspiration to not only contribute to the Lakers' journey to the ACCC2023 but also to inspire and empower these young athletes to reach for the stars.

"In supporting the Lakers Hockey Club, we aim not only to contribute to their journey to the ACCC2023 but also to inspire and empower these young athletes to reach for the stars, overcome obstacles, and forge a path to success. Together, we can build a legacy of resilience, determination, and triumph."

Lakers Hockey Club management and RentCo Africa Chief Executive Officer Robert Nyasimi.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

The Lakers Hockey Club, once faced with the daunting prospect of a challenging road trip, now had a supportive ally in RentCo Africa.

The Sh1 million donation was a catalyst for dreams, a fuel for their journey, and a testament to the belief that, with determination and community support, any obstacle could be overcome.

As they embarked on their journey to Blantyre, the Lakers carried not only their hockey sticks but also the hopes and aspirations of a community that believed in their ability to conquer the challenges that lay ahead.

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