Government to setup emergency health centres

 Principal Secretary for State Department of Public Health and Professional Standards Mary Muriuki Muthoni. [Samson Wire, Standard]

The Ministry of Health has set up proactive health measures to help victims in flood-prone areas during the ongoing heavy rains.

In a November 22 statement, Public Health Principal Secretary (PS) Mary Muriuki said that the Ministry will set up temporary facilities and stock emergency medical supplies to ensure prompt response to the victims.

They plan to activate public health emergency operations centres for easy access to health services that might be rendered inaccessible due to floodwaters and damaged roads.

"The Ministry of Health in collaboration with County Governments and Partners to ensure readiness to establish temporary health facilities in evacuated or inaccessible flood-prone areas," said Muriuki.

She further stated that the Ministry shall ensure the stocking of health emergency supplies to prevent shortages and ensure well-stocked health facilities for a prompt response.

Due to the ongoing long rains, flooding is likely to pose health hazards like injuries and fatalities due to surface run-off and an increase in waterborne diseases and vector-borne illnesses like malaria.

Muriuki said the Ministry will also ensure health facilities' capacity preparedness to address vector-borne diseases like Rift Valley Haemorrhagic fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, and Malaria, among others through the distribution of insecticide-treated nets (ITNS) and provision of insect repellents.

The Ministry has advised the public to remain vigilant due to health risks associated with rains.

“Strict adherence to sanitation and hygiene practices is crucial, including frequent handwashing and proper waste disposal. It's essential to treat drinking water before use and ensure food hygiene to prevent contamination,” Muriuki warns.

The public is advised to avoid crossing swollen rivers and relocate from high-risk areas prone to landslides and floods.

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