A top premier league side has found itself in murky waters after two of its players refused to share the dressing room.

 The two who are said to have fallen out over a woman.

The players who are set to play in the same team, are not Seeing Eye to eye, despite downplaying the matter and claiming that they had buried the hatchet.

The club’s efforts to reconcile them might have hit a wall.

“It is tricky for them (the players) to play together after such a bitter fallout, but you never know,” a friend to both players told offside.

Reports indicate that coaches have been trying to bring the two together after it became clear that they were to sign one of them, but things are not moving, with the officials said to be contemplating abandoning the peace efforts altogether.

One of the players is willing and ready to forgive his teammate, but his colleague has vowed that he wants nothing to do with his rival.

By AFP 16 hrs ago
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