Slapping Contest: Check out the newest sport taking the world by storm [Photos]

By Brian Murumba: Friday, May 24th 2019 at 14:43 GMT +3 | Sports
Slapping contest is gaining popularity in Russia [Courtesy]

Slapping, most times, is considered a vile act by many people across the globe, which could get one in trouble with the law if a victim decides to press charges.

However, it has recently gained fame on the internet – for it is being practised as a professional sport in Russia.

In the largest country in the world, it is okay to slap someone and be lauded for it.

There is more reward for slapping than just praise. Reports claim that viral sensation and slap champion, Vasiliy Kamotskly, the first and only recognised slap champion in the world was awarded an estimated 30,000 robles - around £300 (Ksh 38,511) for knocking his opponent out during a slapping contest.

In a video that racked more than 9m views and 53,000 likes on YouTube, he nearly knocked out his competitor in the “Male Slapping Championships” - delivering two hard slaps to win the contest.

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How it works

Two men stand facing each other, separated by a table [Courtesy]

Two men stand facing each other, separated by a table, which has a powder substance meant to strengthen the grip on competitors’ hands.

The referee calls as the two exchange hard slaps in turns, with an observer present to assess the condition of the contenders after every turn.

A contender can lose by either total knockout or by forfeiture.

Man pulls out of contest for slapping opponent unconscious in training

Logan Paul, a US-based netizen recently pulled out of an upcoming Russian slapping contest for knocking a man out cold while training.

“Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate incident that took place during practice today, I have decided not to participate in the upcoming slap competition,” wrote Paul on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He then followed it with a video of the incident he deeply regrets.?



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