Ibrahimovic’s ridiculous quotes through time as seen by Game Yetu

By Brian Murumba: Saturday, April 13th 2019 at 10:21 GMT +3 | Football
Zlatan has his own billboard in America [Courtesy]

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is considered one of the best nomadic strikers of all time, but his name isn’t as big as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo…one would argue.

However, the Swedish international has his own way of making himself look just as big as his rivals. Over the years, he has been known for his outspoken nature which always gets him quoted by media outlets.

Most of his quotes during his decorated career that is still ongoing at MLS side LA Galaxy have been ridiculous and captive to his fans.

When the 37-year-old giant speaks, his words are either aimed at someone or about himself.

Here are 20 most stunning quotes by the former Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Manchester United man.

1.    Zlatan doesn’t do auditions

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Zlatan nearly joined Arsenal as a boy [courtesy]

Ibrahimovic almost secured a deal with Arsenal when he was still at his boyhood club FF Malmo. The Gunners even had a shirt printed for the striker but former coach Arsene Wenger had other ideas, he wanted the Swede to undergo trials. The move by Wenger prompted him to remind the old man just what he does and doesn’t do. He joined Ajax instead.

2.    Absolutely not. I have ordered a plane. It is much faster

Rumours are common in football or any other field associated with high profile personalities. 

In this one, Zlatan was displeased when a reporter asked him about a rumour saying he had bought a Porsche.

3.     I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am

The Swedish giant has a great opinion of himself [Courtesy]

This one is about himself. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo don’t run around telling people how good they are, but Zlatan isn’t afraid of publicising his super ability.

4.    One thing is for sure, a World Cup without me is nothing to watch

Super Zlatan [Courtesy]

He said this after Sweden were eliminated in the playoffs for the Brazil World Cup by Portugal. He branded the tournament as a worthless one without his true greatness.

5.    What Carew does with a football, I can do with an Orange

In this one, the Swedish giant blasted former Lyon and Aston Villa forward John Carew who insolently suggested that some of his skills were ‘pointless’.

6.    Nothing. She already has Zlatan

When asked about a birthday gift for his wife [Courtesy]

When asked about a birthday gift for his wife, he reiterated that his wife didn’t need anything else when she had it all, ‘Zlatan’.

7.    We are looking for an apartment. If we don’t find anything, then I’ll probably just buy the hotel

When he left Milan in 2012, the Swedish international found it hard to secure a new residence in Paris ahead of his move to Paris St Germain. The struggle prompted him to say this.

8.    First, I went left, he did too. Then I went right and he did too. Then I went left again, and he went to buy a hotdog

Zlatan during his Man United days [Courtesy]

He said this to mock the defensive efforts of former Liverpool defender Stephane Henchoz.

 After the pair met in a match.

9.    I don’t give a S*** who wins, I’m going on holiday

 The striker said this after his side were eliminated from Euro 2012.

10.    When you buy me, you are buying a Ferrari

He compared himself to a Ferrari [Courtesy]

This one is about his greatness. He picked a Ferrari as the only appropriate automotive comparison for his ability in football.

11.    An injured Zlatan is a pretty serious thing for any team

He was reiterating on his absence from any Zlatan led football team and the teething troubles faced by the team in times of Zlatanlessness.

12.    Come over to my house baby, and bring your sister. I’ll show you who’s gay

Photo [Courtesy]

An irate Zlatan is difficult to handle. He unleashed this one when a reporter questioned his Sexuality.

13.    Reporter: Who will win the World Cup playoffs?

               Zlatan: Only god knows

               Reporter: it’s kind of hard to ask him

               Zlatan: Why? You are looking at him now

This one shows how Zlatan has a reasonably high opinion of himself despite the existence of other star players in football.

14.    I didn’t injure you on purpose and you know that. If you accuse me again, ill break both your legs and that time it will be on purpose

Zlatan and Van der Vaart during their Ajax days [Courtesy]

He said this after his then club captain Rafael Van der Vaart claimed that Zlatan wanted to injure him on international duty in a match between Sweden and Holland.

15.    Onyewu resembled a heavyweight boxer. He was nearly 6ft 5in and weighed over 15 stone, but he couldn’t handle me.

Onyewu and Ibra clashed in a match [Courtesy]

Zlatan held his head high despite breaking his rib against former teammate Oguchi Onyewu.

16.    If Rooney still wants to move next summer, I would urge him to come and play with me in Paris. but he would have to get used to the fact that Zlatan scores even better goals than him.

Ibra compared himself to Wayne Rooney [Courtesy]

The Swede fears no one no matter how good they are or how much history they have to their name. 

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