Floyd Mayweather 'caught up in shooting' as boxing legend's bodyguard is shot after night out

By Mirror: Tuesday, April 10th 2018 at 10:15 GMT +3 | Boxing
Mayweather appeared to have enjoyed his night before the shooting [Photo: Courtesy]

Floyd Mayweather has been caught up in shooting that left his bodyguard hospitalised.

Police believe Mayweather was travelling in an entourage of vehicles targeted by the gun man in Atlanta on Monday night.

Boxing legend Mayweather was returning to his plush Intercontinental hotel at 3am on after spending the night at a local club, when he and his team, who had three cars between them, were ambushed.

Police believe the attack was deliberate but not necessarily targeting Mayweather [Photo: Courtesy]

Officers believe the attack was deliberate, but not necessarily targeting Mayweather specifically.

The attackers pulled alongside one of the vans, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and fired several shots.

During the incident one of Mayweather's bodyguards, whose identity hasn't been shared, was shot in the leg and taken to hospital, but is said to be in a stable condition.

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The intersection where the incident occurred [Photo: Courtesy]

The Mayweather convey, nicknamed The Money Team, were then briefly followed before escaping the shooter.

A police statement said: "Another vehicle pulled up beside them at the intersection of Peachtree Road and Highland Drive and fired several times at one of the vehicles. All three vehicles fled and reported being followed for a distance.

"After losing the vehicle that was following them, the victim's vehicle drove to Grady Hospital where the victim was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg and is in stable condition.

"At this time, it appears that this was not a random shooting and the shooter was targeting the victim’s vehicle.

"The victim advised that he is a bodyguard for Floyd Mayweather."

Outside Medusa Restaurant and Lounge where Mayweather had partied earlier in the night [Photo: Courtesy]

Police later advised that Mayweather was likely in one of the vehicles involved in the shooting.

Spokesman for the police Donald Hannah said: "[He] may have been in one of the other vehicles in the caravan and was not injured.”

Officers shut the roads were the incident took place in the Georgia city as they searched for clues.

Cops do not currently have a suspect in custody.

The upmarket Intercontinental Hotel where the Mayweather entourage were driving back to [Photo: Courtesy]

Mayweather retired from boxing last year with an unbeaten 50-a record, following a TKO over former UFC star Conor McGregor.

He was seen in Las Vegas the night before the shooting watching James DeGale's victory over Caleb Truax.