Worldcoin craze: Be careful! Data Protection Commission warns Kenyans


The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has asked Kenyans to be vigilant even as they engage with Worldcoin.

Worldcoin, which was launched on Monday, July 24 is an international cryptocurrency agency awarding its users with free tokens referred to as WLD once they verify their humanity by scanning their eyeballs.

To get the money, users transfer their tokens to official crypto exchanges where they can buy other cryptocurrencies, which can then be cashed out through liquidity agents on those platforms or sold to other users.

It is for this reason that the Data Commission in a statement on Friday advised that Kenyans should do due diligence before disclosing any personal or sensitive data.

Additionally, the commission urged Kenyans to thoroughly inquire how their data will be used.

“The ODPC is aware that Worldcoin has now been launched and is processing sensitive personal data in a manner that requires a demonstration of proper safeguards under the Data Protection Act, 2019. As the ODPC conducts its assessment, Kenyans are urged to ensure that they receive proper information before disclosing any personal or sensitive data,” read the statement.

The commission further says that it has begun its assessment of the agency to ensure that it is in compliance with the law.

According to Worldcoin founder, Alex Blania, the project aims at distinguishing humans from artificial intelligence (AI) programs that are increasing by the day.

By scanning the iris, they will create personal identification codes called ‘World ID’ which will be saved on a decentralized blockchain.

This will then be used digitally to ascertain whether online activities are from humans or AI.

So far, hundreds of Kenyans have gotten their eyeballs scanned and more keep flocking to Quickmart outlets where the unique eye-scanning machines (Orbs) are.