Kithure Kindiki now orders police to flush out bandits on highway

The CS said they will declare the region an operation area and scene of crime. "Once we gazette the place, anybody found within the area will be considered an intruder and will be dealt with ruthlessly by security officers. I ask our security officers not to spare any criminal in the region," he said.

He toured Turkana for the fourth time and said there was a lot of work to be done in the region. On allocation of sub counties, the CS said the government will prioritise counties with insecurity challenges.

He said Lokichoggio sub-county along the Kenya-South Sudan border was given first priority with installation of a Deputy County Commissioner and deployment of government officers.

He said deployment of government officers to the new sub county will bring government service closer to the people and boost security.

The CS announced additional three divisions including Songot, Nadapal and Letea in Turkana West saying district officers will be deployed by end of July.

"I will be a frequent visitor of Turkana. I will personally come with the new DOs by the end of July to deploy them in those new divisions. Plans are underway to ensure the new sub-counties, among them Lokiriama, Aroo and Suguta are in operation soon," he said.

He said President Ruto's government would end cattle rustling menace in the region. "We shall bring back peace committees and fund them to negotiate peace with neighbouring states. We will also open Todonyang and Lokiriama immigration border points to promote trade and development," he said.

He said the government will set aside Sh200 million towards renovation of Lokichoggio airport to ease air transport and improve service.

Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai said there was aggression from their neighbours and asked the government to flush out bandits from the Turkana National game reserve.

"We have asked our people to continue surrendering firearms to the government, and they have heeded our advice. We ask our neighbours to reciprocate the same and hand over illegal firearms to the state," Mr Lomorukai said.