Family's agony in 11-year wait for missing officer

Administration Police officer Daniel Aengwo, who has been missing for 11 years now. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Laban Aengwo, brother to Daniel, said efforts to get help and information from the office where his brother was working have been in vain.

He alleged that he received information of his brother's disappearance through his cousin who works in Kisumu. He claimed that his brother's boss was mean in giving out information concerning the man, frustrating every effort in getting to understand what had led to his disappearance.

"He disappeared while at work, my cousin told us about the disappearance, they work within the same locality so it is easier for him to notice since then we have tried but in vain to look for him, but his office was not helping," he added.

He said his mother died two years later from depression following the disappearance of Daniel. In 2022, his father died too, hoping that his son would be found.

Daniel was declared dead in 2019 after the family filed a petition at Kabarnet High Court.

To this day, Aengwo's disappearance not only remains a perplexing mystery but an agonizing open wound for his siblings, wife and nine children.

The National Police Service is yet to respond to our inquiry about the progress of the investigations into Aengwo's disappearance.